Panjenix Videos

World Reknowned for their Ropeyness

As part of Panjenix attempt to span and unite musical cultures I have been attending a lot of open mic and folk clubs in the area where you realise just what a luxury of talent we have knocking about. Folk music in the 21st Century is no longer about a genre of music, but so much more about the People creating the music and their interaction in the music community. After all Folk Music does literally mean People Music. During these excursions I have seen so many magical moments which pass in a flash unnoticed as the Music Industry Machine rolls over us all with their cardboard cut out celebrities. So I decided I would try to collect loads of videos of these gems of grass roots entertainers doing their thing for fun and for FREE. Most are filmed on a very cheap camera and often in a quite drunken state with talking in the background, lens flares and camera shakes. But this is not MTV Lipstick Movies, these videos put you in the crowd with the band of comrades who make these nights the remarkable events which they are. These videos are not to "Make It with the MAN" merely to show, that others may come and as our own Nostalgia for an age yet to come.
This Guy's so good I gave him a page of his own
Various Acts and Individuals from Bacup Folk Club
A selection from Colne Folk Club
An Assortment from Hole Note
Artists perfoming at 3 in a Bar